Summer Book Sale

This will be the LAST book sale for at least two years so be sure to stock up NOW!

New Milford High School

July 11 9am-7pm (9-10 early bird $5 admittance)

July 12 10am-6pm

July 13 10am-2pm


Handy Dandy is BEYOND Handy!

Thanks to Peter Brady and his group of Handy Dandy Helpers, the book sale was set up in RECORD time! What usually takes a day and a half took 2.5 hours!  We can't thank them enough!  Feel free to check them out at


We are thrilled to announce that one of our own has won New Milford Library's volunteer of the year! Jen has served on the FRIENDS board since 1998 as recording secretary and corresponding secretary and now as volunteer coordinator.

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